Bit of context here. I’m thirty five, male, married for nearly a decade. One primary school aged kid, one dog. Work four days a week, and write novels the other day.

And I am knackered. All. The. Time.

It’s got to the point where I’m wondering if I have some serious illness, only my wife feels the same and surely we can’t both be dying of something awful at once.

So I’ve turned to Reddit in the hope of finding out that we don’t both have some terrible wasting disease. How tired are you, UK redditors?

UPDATE: this has been a fantastically helpful set of answers, folks, thanks – really appreciate it.

UPDATE 2: In case this adds anything to the discussion. Here’s the nature of my tiredness: I feel exhausted by the amount of responsibilities I have on, and the pressure of delivering all of them – cooking dinner, cleaning the house, doing my job, playing with my kid – and so doing them feels tiring, and when they’re done I’m totally worn out.

I’m not falling asleep from lack of energy, I’m not woozy or groggy, I just feel like I’m at capacity and barely staying afloat, and the slightest knock upsets that whole balance.

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