My brother is getting married next month and he’s going to marry a woman who was convicted of embezzlement a few years ago. As a police officer, I have a strong ethical code and I am strongly opposed to this decision to marry her. It’s also to note that my department you have to note any relationships family or otherwise to the department. I was even asked to be the one of the bridesmaids which due to my stance I had to turn down. I have expressed this to my brother and he has become very upset with me. He says that I am being judgmental and that I should be happy for him. I have decided not to attend the wedding, but my family is now saying that I am the asshole for not supporting my brother. Am I the asshole?” Edit: Everyone keeps saying I have no faith in the justice system but that is false I’ve seen numerous amounts of reformation, I just don’t have faith that she’s been reformed.

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