We were supposed to go out with my family for dinner but I was craving pizza all day and I was hungry so I asked my husband if he would buy me some. We ordered pizza at 5:45pm and we had dinner reservations for 8:30pm.

When the pizza arrived, everybody wanted some but my sister was upset because she wanted to go to the restaurant so she refused to eat any. Nobody wanted to go out after they had eaten the pizza because they were full so my dad told my husband he should cancel our reservation.

My sister is blaming me for us not going to the restaurant and has accused me of making everything about myself. My parents have tried to speak to her and my dad told her I was pregnant so I needed to eat when I was hungry but it’s only made her more angry with me.

It’s difficult to get a reservation at the restaurant we were supposed to go too so I understand why she was initially upset we never went as she was excited to go. However, my husband knows the owner and has promised he would make another reservation before we went home but my sister doesn’t want me to be invited as she thinks I’ll ruin it again which I think is an overreaction.


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