I’ve recently come to a disagreement with my friend group and my GF.

I work full time in the business field (being particularly vague) and put myself through undergrad and grad school. My partner on the other hand, did not attend post secondary and instead made some early investments in real estate.

She now works part time and makes half my salary. I work full time and make double her salary.

We don’t live together, but we live in a very HCOL and her mortgage is more than mine.

Quite often I take her for dinner, coffee, treats, etc. I usually pay for everything. I noticed she stopped cooking about a month ago. She stated that I don’t sleep over and instead head home to my mom’s because she cooks breakfast and also packs a lunch for me for the next day. My GF said it’s an “intimacy killer,” when I leave after sex.

Eventually I admitted to my GF that I didn’t work so hard in life to have to cook my own meals and I’m tired of always eating out.

My friends say I am being an asshole, but I think I’m being reasonable. I want to stay the breadwinner our relationship and I don’t see that changing.

So reddit, AITA?

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