My daughter’s 10th birthday was last saturday, and it went horribly wrong. I(28) have my eldest daughter with an ex-classmate named Mia (29) and two younger sons with my current wife (Anna28). Aurroa spends three weeks with me every month. The other week is at her bio-mother.

Aurora and Anne have a beautiful mother-daughter relationship. She even calls her mom. Mia loathes that her daughter calls anne’s mom and has started childish arguments over this. I find this really stupid as it’s the child child’s choice, who they call mum or dad.

Anyway, the day before Aurora’s birthday, she asked if anna could adopt and officially be her mother, We were both overjoyed as anna has always loved aurora as her own. The only problem was mia. we both agreed to talk to her during tomorrow’s party. Aurora didn’t want to be involved. She doesn’t like to interact with her bio-mother.

Halfway through the celebration (the next day), we asked mia if we could go inside to talk. She gave use the usual cold looks and eyes. After explaining the situation, I urged her to do this for aurora’s sake. She first asked if we were serious. She gave ud both angry looks before walking out the door. I was confused why she walked out before hearing shouting outside.

She had gone to aurora to confront her. Though aurora hates confrintiation, and she knew this. She shouted in Aurora if she wanted to be adopted by another woman. I immediately told her to take this inside. That’s when she began to throw accusations woman. I immediately told her to take this inside. That’s when she began to throw accusations to wards me. She sreamed that I used my family’s money to bribe her daughter’s love. Allege that I have been turning her daughter against her. Telling everyone while she struggled to support her daughter, I was enjoying my life. The lies went one and one. I made my daughter go inside and told everyone to leave adter her “speach”.

The rest of the day was a complete mess. Aurora locked herslelf in her room untill she cried to sleep. She was looking forward to her first two-digit birthday. I called in sick for her as she’s been feeling to down too down to go to school. I still have been trying to contact mia, but she won’t answer. I feel awful about the turnout of the situation. I know I’m innocent, but I’m still shocked about her reaction. I want to second opimions, though, Did I do anything wrong? AITA or not.

I will give more information in the comments as I don’t want to write too much. I had cut a lot of details out.

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