Today was supposed to be my first day of spring semester classes. I took off work in advance for these classes and I paid in full already. My professor came down with covid and in his email he said, “I will try to post a video so you have something but no guarantees.”

I feel like I’m getting ripped off and being dismissed. How hard is it to post a simple reading assignment? Or create an introductory document for us to view?

I sympathize with being sick, but somehow I really doubt the symptoms sprung on him so last minute. I’m frustrated because now my time is wasted and I’ve learned nothing.

He said we can email him with questions so WIBTA if I asked him what he expects us to do during this time while he’s out?

EDIT: Alright, I GET IT. I’m still getting through your 100s of comments and insults but I will eventually read them all and continue replying to better enhance the conversations. Even though my situation isn’t entirely understood here, I get that I’m coming across assholey and will reshape my perspective/work on being self sufficient. But please be aware that everyone wishing karmic horrors on me, bandwagon downvoting and attacking my character don’t know me in the slightest and have only received a sliver of the situation at hand.

That said, I know covid is serious, and I go every day with a mask/meticulously cleaning because of it. I hope my prof and anyone else dealing with it recovers and will be healthy.

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