I’m getting so much shit elsewhere on Reddit for this, so I’m asking here. What things do female bodies do better than male bodies that don’t relate to reproduction? Notably, I don’t give a shit about birthing children and never want to do it. Periods are the worst too.

Everyone online spits out data like, male athletes in high school can beat women’s Olympics athletes. That’s so disgusting. It makes me feel so shit about my body that it’s so incapable. I’m a lady weightlifter, and the idea that I just…lose, because of my chromosomes, enrages me. People laugh at female martial artists, because “well, no matter how good your technique, it comes down to size and muscle mass, and you will never have that.”

Fuck all of that. What do I do better since I’m female? I’m not about to transition just to get big muscles, but damn if I’m not tempted. Less fat, more muscle, and if I were younger, more height in the end…sigh.

Edit: Jeez this took off. I need to get back to work, wish I could lock comments somehow. I’m going to have like a million when I get back.

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