I got flashed by a camera while doing 36 where the limit had changed from 40 to 30 on a dual carriageway into a city and I missed the signs – there was no excuse though. If I’m honest, I felt a bit hard done-by (and the £100 fine stung) but there was no arguing it and I’m pleased I got offered the course and did it rather than got the 3 points on my licence because it was cool and I learned stuff and it was run by a really nice lady who made it interesting. I feel like something useful came out of it and I learned stuff and got reminded of, among other things,…

In ideal conditions, car doing 31mph that has to do an emergency stop will still be doing 8mph at the point where it would have stopped had it been doing 30mph.
If there are street lights, unless otherwise specified by speed limit signs, you’re in a 30mph limit. If lanes 1 and 2 on a motorway have a 50mph sign over them on the gantry and lane 3 doesn’t, lane 3 is still a 50mph limit and the bulbs have just gone on the sign so still only do 50. If someone’s tailgating you, slow down to put more room between you and the car in front so you can stop slower if they stop. A dual carriageway is defined by having a barrier separating carriages and not by the number of lanes on each side. If you can roll a giant ball across the entire road without it being stopped on the central reservation (because there’s not barrier, not because it bounced or something) , it’s not a dual carriageway.

Just thought I’d pass it on.

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