Okay so I’m sixteen in just over two weeks and I’ve never taken the bus before. I haven’t really needed to since me and my friends just walk home after school but it’s become less of “I dont need to” and more of “I’m genuinely terrified I’m going to somehow mess it up”. Believe it or not, I’m not actually socially inept but im just so scared of taking too long and getting shouted at, or ending up on the wrong bus but being scared to get off. Every time I ask someone, they end up saying something along the lines of “you just get on and pay?” But I need more than that. How on earth do I know which one I’m supposed to catch? How long do you typically end up waiting? Which bus ticket do I get and how do I ask for it?

I’m so sorry this is really dumb but I want to get over this bc it’s starting to cripple my social life

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