Episode synopsis:

Shaq’s catching vibes from Zara, while Will’s making progress with Jessie. But a text tells the Islanders something shocking is just around the corner…

Check out the first look on YouTube here!


Sub updates

Listen to the Talk with Ekin-Su and Joe Garratt here! Apologies to anyone that couldn’t join yesterday – we had some issues and believe it was removed by the automod. The good news is that Ekin-Su and Joe will be back on Monday 6th February for another Talk!

The talk is also available to watch in video format here (part 2 coming soon).


Other discussion threads:

Previous episode discussion thread Older discussion threads


Ways to watch

FOR NON-UK VIEWERS – If you’re trying to watch this episode from outside the UK, check out the Megathread here to discuss other ways of watching.

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