Was thinking about recent news of Hackney banning through traffic on 70% of it’s streets whilst I was stripping the paint on the stairs. Maybe the fumes got to me a bit but I was mulling if you took it further what would actually happen if you banned car ownership completely.

Now, not over night, but by say 2033. Give time for people to sort work travel distances etc.

Delivery vehicles still allowed, restricted to low speed in car free areas.

Scrappage scheme to allow people to purchase ebikes (bikes, trikes already on market capable of use by the bodily less able, carrying small children, shopping etc). Compulsory basic training akin to old cycle proficiency scheme for bike license – note primary school kids were capable of passing this back in the day. Under the age of say 13 to travel with an adult.

It occurred to me that, assuming we went back to kids attending local schools, working in the town/city we lived in or commuting by public transport (like a lot do anyhow), for most people there would be grumbling, a lot of wet weather gear bought but actually very little would change. And we’d get a hell of a lot of space back!

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