Reserved a seat on a 4 hour train journey. I chose forward facing because I get travel sick when I go backwards. When I got on the train a man was sat in the seat next to mine, and his young son was sat in my seat. I said that I had a reserved seat and he said that he needed to sit with his son, which I do understand. The only free seats on that carriage were facing the other way, and I explained that I get sick if I go backwards so would they mind moving to two unreserved seats three rows down. The dad said that yes he would mind, and he had priority as he was travelling with his child. I’ve sat going backwards for half an hour now, but I’m about to go and walk around the train to see if I can find a seat going forwards.

Just wondered if this is how it works on trains as I’ve never had this problem before. Is there no way to reserve a seat for a child? The kid is watching cartoons on full volume so I’m now running low on sympathy lol.

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