So I’ve recently kicked a drink problem and got myself back into the gym. The problem is, years of alcohol abuse and associated eating shit food has resulted in a steady increase in weight throughout the years, so I decided to do something about it.

So I’ve been going since the beginning of January. I’ve been enjoying it, I’ve lost weight and it really helps with my ADHD. For the past couple of weeks though, I’ve noticed two blokes have been giving me funny looks. I just kept myself to myself though and continued smashing the workouts.

Well tonight my arm was hurting so it was taking me longer to complete my sets. One of the blokes wandered over to me and said “Hurry up you fat cunt” whilst laughing at me, completely out of the blue. It took me completely by surprise and I just sheepishly vacated the machine like the anxiety ridden mess that I am. The more I think about it now though, the more pissed off i am about it.

Is this a thing? Why is a fat guy being made to feel unwelcome in a gym? Is there a certain way I should act considering I’m a gentleman of a larger persuasion? You’d think the mere fact I was there in the first place would be celebrated. I’d understand more if I was sat stuffing my face in McDonald’s or something but I’m literally working my arse off to lose the chebs

It has made me feel pretty shit to be honest.

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