Good evening and welcome to the r/CasualUK live discussion thread for The Apprentice week 10!

Last week the teams had to make male skincare products.
Bradley insisted he take charge of his team to make a snake themed product for the over 50s. It was a fucking disaster. The packaging looked like a dildo that was ribbed for pleasure, and the actual product itself was green and stained the skin of all who used it! Unsurprisingly, the product got not a single order, and Bradley was fired immediately when they got to the boardroom.

Also, much to the relief of us all, Avi was finally yeeted out of the boardroom! So now only 6 remain.

Name Occupation PM count Twat? Week out Avi Sharma City Banker 2 Yes Week 9 Bradley Johnson Director of a Construction Company 3 Yes Week 9 Dani Donovan Owner of a Hair Salon 2 Yes – Denisha Kaur Bharj Financial Controller 1 Yes Week 4 Emma Browne Senior Account Exec – Yes Week 1 Gregory Ebbs Owner of Online Antiques Marketplace – No! He’s a legend Week 3. Gone far too soon Joe Phillips Safari Guide 1 Yes Week 6 Kevin D’Arcy Accountant – Yes Week 2 Mark Moseley Owner of Pest Control Company 1 Yes Week 8 Marnie Swindells Court Advocate 1 Yes – Megan Hornby Owner of Sweet Shop and Cafe 1 Yes – Reece Donnelly Owner of a Theatre School 1 Yes Left in week 6 for health reasons Rochelle Anthony Owner of Hair Salon & Academy 1 Yes – Shannon Martin Owner of Bridal Boutique – Yes Left voluntarily week 2 Shazia Hussain Tech recruiter – Yes Week 5 Simba Rwambiwa Senior sales rep 1 Nah – Sohail Chowdhary Owner of Martial Arts School 1 Yes Week 7 Victoria Goulbourne Owner of Online Sweet Business 2 Yes –

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