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SVT Play: English commentary

SVT Play: Swedish

Format and Voting

A total of 28 entries will take part in the competition. In each heat, the top two will go directly to the final and the third and fourth places to the semi-final. Four entries will advance from the semi-final into the final. The heats and the semi-final are 100% public vote, and the final is 50% public vote and 50% jury vote.

Proceeds from the voting will be donated to aid relief efforts in the ongoing war in Ukraine. [Wikipedia]

Running Order

Draw Artist Song 1 Jon Henrik Fjällgren, Arc North feat. Adam Woods “Where You Are (Sávežan)” 2 Tone Sekelius “Rhythm of My Show” 3 Mariette “One Day” 4 Marcus & Martinus “Air” 5 Panetoz “On My Way” 6 Maria Sur “Never Give Up” 7 Smash Into Pieces “Six Feet Under” 8 Kiana “Where Did You Go” 9 Nordman “Släpp alla sorger” 10 Loreen “Tattoo” 11 Theoz “Mer av dig” 12 Paul Rey “Royals”

MV and Music Links

Performances are availabe on YouTube

MVs are also on YouTube

Where is the ‘live chat’?

In our experience the live chat threads on Reddit are still too clunky to use for our live threads. They’re also a pain to use on old Reddit and third-party apps. Until Reddit makes this a better experience, we recommend using this:

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National Final Season Calendars

Keep up with national finals and important dates with one of these calendars: official calendar | Eurovisionworld | OnEurope | The Eurowhat?

ESCplus Media has most of the streams on one page during Super Saturdays.

These links provided for information purposes only. This is not an ‘official’ endorsement of any one fansite/blog by the mods.

Prediction Tournament

We’ve seen your prediction threads and comments! Put your predictive powers to the test this ESC season with our on-going prediction tournament!

2023 National Final Prediction Tournament (Note: This requires using New Reddit or the official Reddit app)

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