Ordered a Maccies breakfast a few months ago when I was waiting in for a delivery and my girlfriend wasn’t feeling too well.

The delivery driver turned up, and quite angrily said to me “why? McDonald’s is literally five minutes up the road!” As he slammed the bag in my hand and walked away.

“Pays you a wage though doesn’t it?” I replied.

Couldn’t believe his audacity.

What’s your examples?

EDIT: Poor wording on my behalf but people have taken this the wrong way so I’ll just make this clear that I don’t see the delivery driver by any means as “doing me a favour.” But it linked up with what I wanted to ask. Which links with doing something to benefit a person and they throw it back in your face.

At the end of the day, yes my one order wouldn’t have made much of a difference to his earnings or even his day. However, he, by trade, delivers people’s food orders. And yet I order food. He delivers it. He also complains I’ve ordered food.

I’ve not done him a favour, but I’ve promoted his line of work. He might hate his job, yeah. I don’t expect him to skip up my driveway with a massive smile on his face. Even if he just threw the food at me and said “thanks mate,” would have done for me. Was just no need to start complaining I’d ordered food and made him deliver to me when that’s literally what he does for a living.

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