I am 22 and have started my graduate job 5 months ago. Throughout university I’ve been working on the side with the hopes of saving for the future, however the more I saved the more my dad asked for(to pay bills and other stuff) and as his son I couldn’t say no and kept giving him money. He always said he will pay me back, but 3 years now and he hasn’t. I gave him a total of 12k. I currently have a GF and am planning marriage soon. We want to get a house so I’m saving as much as possible with the the graduate job I just got. My dad has been trading for a while. He keeps losing money, but always ends up going back to it. Yesterday he lost the last 10k he had and called me with a desperate tone saying he needs me to take out a 15k loan as he has no money to his name, and needs to pay bills and mortgage ect. I couldn’t stand seeing my dad so desperate and I know how much he needs the money so took the loan out. I feel like everyone’s parents are helping there children get houses, but all mine is doing is destroying me financially. What do I do.

EDIT: thank you for the comments and advice. I think it had opened my eyes a lot. I just felt guilty for not helping the person that raised me but giving this loan is not responsible. I have not sent it over yet, but will hopefully cancel it, and offer to pay of this months mortgage until he gets paid again.

EDIT: just had the discussion with him and said im going to cancel the lone. We had an argument, and he basically won’t talk to me for a long long while

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