A little context, i 16f was in a relationship with this guy 17m let’s call adam for almost 3 months. Before he told me he was trans. Which was a huge shock, I have nothing against trans people. But I’m just not attracted to dudes with a vag.

So when he originally told me, I broke it off. He’s a great guy but, Im just not into pussy yk? He didn’t take this well at all though. I mean I get it, he has a right to be upset. An went on to go around talking shit about me calling me a transphobe. Which he didn’t have a right to do.

I literally never once, shit on him for being trans. I literally just broke things off, Because he wasn’t being truthful. He knew by telling me he was trans I wouldn’t like him like that. So he didn’t tell me. That’s the definition of lying.

And I straight up told him that. After that him and his little minions started harassing me on tiktok. To the point I had to private my account. It literally got so bad to the point where I was getting death threats because of me breaking up with him. I’ve even had people stop talking to me. I really don’t get how I’m wrong here so I came to Reddit to see if I really fucked up

TLDR- I broke up with my boyfriend after figuring out he was trans, because I’m not into pussy. Now I have a bunch of people on tiktok harassing me and sending me death threats.

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