This is a serious question. My wife and I brought our flat in 2016, we’ve considered moving into a house a couple of months ago start a family. I don’t really want to as our mortgage is almost finished, we basically lived in bake beans and toast (not quite) since overpay as much as we have. (It is shared ownership)

I thought we made a decent yearly in come (50k total) but we could never afford a 1300£ a month mortgage. Currently my wages cover all the bills. We have some outstanding car loans but they are only 358£ total (2 cars)

Unless we move away from all our family and friends and live in a shed in the Isle of Skye (which actually sounds kinda nice)

How on earth are first time buyers buying houses? Is everyone just making more money than us?

Edit: NUMBERS (everyone kept asking)

my current income monthly : 1,964£ My wife’s current income monthly: 1,345£

Our current outgoings total (bills/cars/council tax mortgage) 1,870£ Food and fuel roughly 300ish a month.

Current savings account 10k£ Current stock investment 2k£ Current crypto investment 500£

My outgoings (bills) will be going down by 119£ in June after paying of one of the cars.

And down by about 680£ in November (mortgage paid off)

Second edit : we own 25% at time of purchase 45k£.

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